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Join us in our exploration of working brands and their marketing.

Branding Before Marketing, Always

It is impossible to create functional marketing materials without a strong brand in place. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on tactics—websites, events, collateral—thinking that a slicker, better looking brand presence will lead to growth. They spend $0...

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Episode 22: Marketing in Crisis

There’s around 99 ways to respond to a marketing crisis, and throwing money at the problem ain’t one of them. In fact, doing so is only going to reveal more problems your business, and likely your marketing, too. In this episode of The Working Brand Podcast,...

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Who owns your brand?

Many businesses try to outsource their brand to an agency with the false assumption that an agency can build a brand with minimal input. It's often the result of an incorrect definition of "brand." Our definition of brand: The driving force behind every...

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Episode 21: Culture Driving Branding

A brand is everything. It’s what people think of you. It’s what people feel in the company. It’s the vision and mission of the organization. But if you ask 10 people to what a “brand” is, you’ll get 10 different definitions. That’s why fusing more culture...

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Give Meaning to Your Metrics

If you build a business for the market, you may end up with a business you don't want to run. So which key indicators of success are you tracking? My guess is that many business owners are forgetting metrics like: Increasing work that is meaningful...

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Episode 20: Blinded By Metrics

Let’s talk a bit about metrics. Do yours tie back to a business goal? Or are you chasing the wrong metrics, because data? In this episode of The Working Brand Podcast, we’re making the case for why it’s time to reevaluate your metrics as a business and...

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