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Working Brands

Join us in our exploration of working brands and their marketing.

What is a brand?

A brand is not a visual. It is not a logo, tagline, mission statement, or a campaign strategy. A brand is what makes all of those things possible. A brand is the commitment a company makes to its products, services, employees, and customers. It's the...

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Awesome is as awesome gives!

I have a secret: Whenever I begin to wonder where that next contract will come from, or when the next dollar will arrive to fund a new project, I give to charity. You heard me right. When things are most uncertain financially, I double down and reinvest in...

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How many times has a brand broken your heart?

Too many times for me to count. And it’s a shame. I find there are a handful of reasons why this happens: Wishful Thinking A brand’s delusion that they’re a little better in some areas than they actually are Stretching Truth Promoting excellence when really...

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We’re Not Selling Stories

For several years, there was this odd trend where if you somehow positioned your story correctly, clients would beat a path to your door. It may be an unpopular truth, but generating new business is not about selling a story. While stories illustrate,...

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