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Working Brands

Join us in our exploration of working brands and their marketing.

Biggest Threat to the Brand: Business

Being in the business of the business reduces your 30,000-foot vision to 30 feet. This is why retreats and off-sites are so valuable. But there comes a time when you need to invest in a process, team, or agency to bring you back up to 30,000 feet. That’s why...

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Episode 24: Brand Champions

Who’s touting your product or service out in the world? Better yet, who’s the person within your company that can take it externally? When you develop a culture of brand ambassadorship, your customers can feel it. And that is the good work of marketing and...

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Weekly Brand Health Checkup

Monday mornings are the best indicators of your organizational health. Ask yourself: Are you excited to get in the office? Is your team feeling motivated to slay another amazing week? Do you feel refreshed after time away from the business? Are ideas and...

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Episode 23: Branding is a Long Game

Branding is a long-term game, and long-term results require a bit of steadfastness in the process. But new clients often come to us with short-term goals in mind. While the needle can be moved on some things fairly quickly, truly sustainable growing in...

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Branding Before Marketing, Always

It is impossible to create functional marketing materials without a strong brand in place. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on tactics—websites, events, collateral—thinking that a slicker, better looking brand presence will lead to growth. They spend $0...

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Episode 22: Marketing in Crisis

There’s around 99 ways to respond to a marketing crisis, and throwing money at the problem ain’t one of them. In fact, doing so is only going to reveal more problems your business, and likely your marketing, too. In this episode of The Working Brand Podcast,...

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