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Are you crazy too?

My business partner called me crazy today. I am. I'm impulsive, excitable, too bold, and will take on way too much too fast. My business partner is calm, methodical, somewhat hesitant, and holds the reigns really tight. The fact is, we're all crazy in our...

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I’m uninspired because …

I'm uninspired because I didn't plan for it. Today was busy - meeting after meeting, with lots of catch up work in between. I was so overwhelmed by the look of my day, I skipped my morning run. I didn't leave time for open thought. I wasn't able to follow an...

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How deep is your brand?

Everything you say, write, and promote on any channel is a promise that you are who you say you are. Are you keeping that brand promise? How deep is your brand? Is it surface deep? Great logos, coordinating colors, slick website. Is it sales deep? Tells a...

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“Can I swear?”

It's a question we get asked more than you think as we produce brands. We always ask the same question: why? Usually the answer lies somewhere between “I want to get people’s attention” and “I feel this strongly about what I'm saying, it needs to have an...

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What is a brand?

A brand is not a visual. It is not a logo, tagline, mission statement, or a campaign strategy. A brand is what makes all of those things possible. A brand is the commitment a company makes to its products, services, employees, and customers. It's the...

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