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Working Brands

Join us in our exploration of working brands and their marketing.

That Thing You Do

You do things fundamentally different. So much so that it could be the very reason you started your business in the first place. That thing that you do because you know it’s the RIGHT thing to do. That thing that makes your work better and your customer...

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Let’s Get One Thing Clear

When you meet people, and they ask what you do, do you change your answer a little every time? Have you offered related products and services that you never thought you’d do simply because someone said they needed it? Because heck, how hard could it be? When...

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Episode 12: When Going Live is a Letdown

Have you ever launched something, only for it to be a complete dud? It happens all the time with brands, websites, services, products, courses…you name it. If you’re thinking about the next iteration of your brand, OoA founders Leah and Rebecca break down...

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It’s Time To Start Over. Or Is It?

Doing the work for several months or years will give you a lot of learning. Learning what you like to do. Learning what you don’t like to do. Learning that what you thought you wanted to do isn’t actually what you want to do. Learning that you want to try...

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Episode 11: Take a Person

You’ve heard a million ways to make up an ideal client persona – but what if you focused on a real person instead of a fake one? While there’s lots of value in imagining the person who benefit most from your services, honing in on a real individual is even...

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