Brand Breakthrough
Are you ready to get energized and excited about marketing your business again?
Introducing Brand Breakthrough

Brand Breakthrough is a one-on-one diagnostic service designed to help you re-imagine your brand, fall back in love with your business, and build something you can feel excited to share with the world.

We work with small businesses and solopreneurs who have been around for a few years. If you’ve done some marketing for your business, but it seems like your original brand doesn’t fit anymore, this service is perfect for you.

No matter what kind of business you run, your brand has a big job to do:

  • It inspires the work you do every day.
  • It energizes and amplifies your marketing.
  • It defines and attracts the right customers to your unique space.

You’re awesome. You’ve been doing the work. Now it’s time to take your brand to the next level – and we’ve got the personalized plan to get you there.


Hi! We’re Leah and Rebecca, co-founders of the Office of Awesome.

It’s really common to start out in business thinking you’re going to be doing one thing, only to realize at a certain point that the business you’ve built isn’t what you want anymore. Some people start new side businesses, while others just get unmotivated and start to drop work.

We recognized that as marketing developed at a lightning pace, the core of branding got lost in the sea of tips and techniques. Big clients are able to work with big agencies, but there hasn’t been any place for small and mid-sized businesses to go.

Brand Breakthrough is an affordable alternative for small and mid-size businesses that aren’t ready to do a full brand platform.

You’ll get branding expertise and actionable advice to burst through your stuck point and go one giant step further from where you’ve been.


  • A brand questionnaire before our session so we can see what’s happening with your existing business(es) and kickstart our research.
  • A 60-minute, deep-dive call with Leah and Rebecca, who will listen to what you’d struggling with and uncover more details about your business.
  • Customized research to discover where we see your brand going and how we see it getting there.
  • A personalized Brand Map sent to you following our call, with strategic recommendations for guiding the next phase of your branding and marketing, plus creative implementation tactics and actionable steps to get you there.
  • A follow-up email to clarify any questions about your Brand Map and check-in to see how things are coming along.

Knowing how to move your brand into the place where you actually want to go is pretty priceless. You won’t have to worry about how to promote yourself or fall back on marketing techniques that feel icky and gross.

Once you complete the Brand Breakthrough, you’ll walk away with a really clear end goal and brand vision in mind.

No more feeling lost or confused about what’s next or how to bring it all together. We give you expert guidance and clear direction for moving your business forward with clarity and confidence.

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And get unstuck for an introductory investment of $3,400

“I’ve loved working with Office of Awesome. I came in with a bunch of ideas and visions and they really helped me narrow my focus and have a plan of action. They are supportive, inspiring, and have been able to help me achieve my goals as an entrepreneur.”

Samantha Peszek, Olympic Medalist & NCAA Champion

“I’ll tell you what, I had no clue how to brand something or all that went into creating a successful brand. OOA came through with their BrandBreakthrough model and shattered the box I had created for my brand in the best possible way. It didn’t take long to learn how to strategize and nurture the process of creating our brand and molding it into what it needs to become.”

Carlos McCray, The Dojo Cafe

“I went to meet with Rebecca and Leah because I had several new product lines launching and was struggling with keeping everything feeling cohesive. They blew me away with the thoroughness of the information they gave me in such a short meeting! I walked away with a clear vision of my (now all-encompassing) brand, and a list chock full of tactics to get me there. I can’t wait to follow-up with them to keep the momentum going.”

Natalia Robert, Full Circle Images


Is the Brand Breakthrough a good fit my new business? If you’re a new business that hasn’t done any marketing – or you’re looking for a quick fix – this service wouldn’t work well for you. That said, there are a few other ways you can work with us, which may be a better fit. You can check out our services here.

Can I see an example of the personalized Brand Map? Yes! Click here to download the PDF.

What if my business is new, but I’ve already done marketing in another business? That’s great! Since you’re no stranger to marketing, Brand Breakthrough can definitely help you move your budding business forward.

Will I get a comprehensive marketing plan or brand build out? No, but you will get plenty of guidance on where your energy would best be spent as well as hand-selected strategies that you can explore and implement.

Will I get a logo? No. This service develops brand platforms, not visual brands. Which means we give brands meaning and guidance on the conversation they need to be having, not telling them how they need to look.

While there’s a time and place for a visual brand, we know that businesses can thrive based on positioning long before they ever need the “perfect” visual, so that’s why we start with the platform.

If you’re in the market for a visual, you can reach out to us here or directly connect with one of our amazing designers.

Will you help me implement? Brand Breakthroughs are often the starting conversation – we build them so that you can effectively implement on your own (or provide clarity for someone who is implementing it for you). If you decide you need assistance with one of our suggestions, we’re happy to connect you with the person to help you get the job done.