Episode 27: Producing a Brand

We get asked all the time about what brand producing is and what a brand producer does. We’ve found that to really reach audiences, businesses need to get produced—much like how music producers enhance sound and tune it perfectly to the market. In this...
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Episode 26: A Seat At The Table

As brand producers, we figure out exactly how a brand needs to be produced in order to achieve the results they want. Part of this process is to determining which channels and tactics are right for the brand, and then partnering them with the right agencies,...
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Episode 25: A Little History

Normally, we kick off each episode by telling you what’s working for us. What we’ve realized, though, is that some of you might not even know who we are! Which means it’s about time we share a bit of Office of Awesome history with you. In this episode of The...
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Episode 24: Brand Champions

Who’s touting your product or service out in the world? Better yet, who’s the person within your company that can take it externally? When you develop a culture of brand ambassadorship, your customers can feel it. And that is the good work of marketing and...
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Episode 23: Branding is a Long Game

Branding is a long-term game, and long-term results require a bit of steadfastness in the process. But new clients often come to us with short-term goals in mind. While the needle can be moved on some things fairly quickly, truly sustainable growing in...
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Episode 22: Marketing in Crisis

There’s around 99 ways to respond to a marketing crisis, and throwing money at the problem ain’t one of them. In fact, doing so is only going to reveal more problems your business, and likely your marketing, too. In this episode of The Working Brand Podcast,...
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