Father Joe’s Villages Deep Dive

A business or non-profit’s brand helps tell the story of who they are and what they do in a way that compels people to get involved with the brand (i.e. buy a product, donate, volunteer). Our logo and colors are one small part of our brand. In addition, our voice, tone, how we communicate and what we ask of people are all a part of our brand, of who we are.

Currently, Father Joe’s Villages communicates on over two dozen channels, to over a million people each year. As you can see, Father Joe’s Villages communicates a lot. Office of Awesome has been engaged to help Father Joe’s Villages ensure they’re doing a good job communicating, being the most effective with each dollar spent, and are maximizing the opportunity for donations.

Please share your voice in our work by participating in the survey below. We’d like to learn about your unique perspective of what is working, what is not working, and where you see room for improvement on how Father Joe’s Villages communicates with its donors and neighbor communities.

We do ask for your name at the start of the survey, but please note, you’ll have the opportunity to remain anonymous by indicating your wish at the end of this survey.

Thank you in advance for helping Father Joe’s Villages and Office of Awesome by providing your honest and appreciated insights.

If you prefer to complete this exercise as a PDF, you can download it below.
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  • General Brand

  • As reference, Father Joe's Villages CREED can be found here.
  • Donor Perception

  • Brand Direction

  • A brand isn’t all external, in order to truly be great, a brand should internally capture the best of an organization, as well.
  • Other