office of awesome’s

GREAT Brand Search!

We know there are brands out there one strategy away from being awesome.

Brands that are changing their industry, the planet, the way business is done.
Brands that are inclusive, break stagnate old rules, and deliver remarkable customer satisfaction.

Brands that are working hard. Harder than anyone knows.
Working hard to treat their teams well, and their customers even better.

To celebrate the International Day of Awesome, March 10, we want you to share your favorite brands that you KNOW with a little strategy support from Brand Producers, like us, can make that leap into Awesome!

We’re picking ONE of those great brands and giving them a full brand production experience for 2018.

That’s $30,000 worth of awesome for one amazing brand.

I’ve loved working with the Office of Awesome. I came in with a bunch of ideas and visions and they really helped me narrow my focus and have a plan of action. They are supportive, inspiring, and have been able to help me achieve my goals as an entrepreneur.

Sam Peszek

Olympic Gold Medalist, Founder, Beam Queen Boot Camp

The winner of the GREAT Brand Search will receive a custom Brand Architecture, which includes:


Brand Review

A brand review, from business model and product line through positioning and marketing campaign guidance.


Clear Targets

Remixed target audiences to align tightly with products and services offered


Perfect Pitch

Perfectly pitched language to support all of their marketing activities, including signature and branded language to amp up communication both internally and externally


Channel Plan

Marketing and PR channel recommendations to boost brand visibility, tightly aligned with vision and resources


Integrated Strategy

Clarity on how to implement an integrated marketing strategy, with clear next steps appropriate for the brand


Ongoing Support

An additional SIX months of Brand Distribution support, helping you direct your resources to get maximum marketing impact

When I first came to Office of Awesome, I felt lost. My company, Strong Inside Out, was doing great things in the world of mental health and fitness, but I felt torn when I tried to approach them both simultaneously. I was afraid to work with a branding team because everyone I talked to saw EITHER the fitness side or the mental health side. I knew there was something deeper to unlock; a way to pull it altogether in a cohesive way that felt like me.

I chose to work with OOA because they didn’t want to put me in a pre-existing box – they encouraged me to build a whole new playing field. When I talk with Rebecca and Leah, I feel heard; they understand me and what I want for my business and even more importantly, what I didn’t even know I didn’t want for my business. They also take my personality, work habits, budget and personal life goals into account which saves us lots of time in the long run and keeps me motivated. After working with them (I still am), I feel so much clearer and prouder of my brand. I can finally answer people when they ask me what I do for a living with confidence and conviction. OOA looked beyond my blog to the movement I’ve wanted to bring to the world for so long, and gave me actionable steps to get there. I can’t recommend them enough.
Amy Clover

Founder, Strong Inside Out

Help us celebrate the International Day of Awesome by doing something really AWESOME – nominate that really great brand you love and help them take their brand to the next level.

There are thousands of fantastic brands at every turn, and this will be a competitive process.

What we’re looking for:

  • Viable business model. You can have a concept, start-up, retail, online, nonprofit, or 30-yr-old business – as long as we see viability in the business, you’re a potential candidate.
  • Commitment to value. You have to ultimately be committed to providing value to every customer and client you reach. As long as you’re not an opportunist looking for a shortcut, you’re a potential candidate.
  • Labor and discipline. You are ready to execute a strategy, understanding that we build every brand with resources in mind. If you’re willing to put in the elbow grease, you’re a potential candidate.

Have all 3? You ARE a great candidate.


We’re accepting applications from March 10 – April 7

– OR –

Nominate a GREAT Brand!

Know of a GREAT brand doing great work that could be doing SO MUCH MORE with a little help?

Send them an email and tell them to apply! Simply copy & paste the text below.


Hey, I love your Brand!

I’ve been watching your brand and I think you are doing really cool things. I wanted to let you know about the GREAT Brand Search happening over at Office of Awesome. They are giving  away a year’s worth of brand production (over $30,000 value) to one winner and I think you should apply. They’ve worked with some pretty awesome brands, I think they would love yours. Here’s the link:

Good luck!

Who is office of awesome?
We’re brand producers, working with developing brands that have the potential to become standout successes in their industry. We prepare them to be placed directly in the spotlight for investors, partners, and future clients to discover. We love seeing great brands reach their AWESOME potential. What we DON’T love seeing is great brands wasting time, money and energy on products, channels, tactics, and services that won’t actually work for them in the long run. This is why we focus solely on the brand, and leave implementation to our amazing friends and outstanding agencies. We know once a brand knows what it needs, it can find the right partner to implement. It’s smarter, more efficient, and most importantly, the way we like to do business. We’ve produced brands for former Olympians, NBA stars, MLB insiders, TV personalities, multi-million dollar funded start-ups, award-winning school districts, and many more. Is yours next?