Unbiased Brand Analysis

by office of awesome

independent brand consultants

Where does your brand need to be in 2019 to be successful?

As you prepare your financials and set your budget for the new year, now is the best time for a smart brand analysis to make sure you are optimizing opportunities for sustainable growth.

Indicators you may need an Unbiased Brand Analysis:

  • You have channels and tactics that are working, but have become stagnant – or worse, rising in cost for the same return
  • You are facing a shift in the industry
  • You have identified a new product opportunity
  • You are eyeing a new vertical or target market opportunity
  • There’s a new competitor/technology that’s suddenly taking away market share

How it Works

As a year-end exercise, this analysis is a high-level look at your brand through our 20+ years of experience. We are looking for the biggest areas of opportunity and the largest pitfalls to avoid in the coming year.

Why Unbiased is Important

Having an outside consultant look at your brand can be beneficial to break through stale narratives and assumptions that have gone untested.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to rely on agencies for analysis, but even agencies have bias to the channels and tactics they employ.

When we make recommendations, we are free to advise where to spend the marketing budget to align with your business goals.

“office of awesome produced a brand that we immediately recognized ourselves in and couldn’t wait to implement. I think our organization didn’t realize how much our brand was missing, and now no one can imagine us without it.”

Russ Sperling

Director of Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), San Diego Unified School District





Once the analysis is booked, we’ll ask you to send us everything related to your current business and your clear business objectives for 2019. This includes:

  • Completing our Deep Dive Survey
  • Your business &/or marketing plan (if you have them)
  • Your current and past marketing materials
  • Any other relevant information to how you’ve branded & marketed your business



We begin with a 90 min call to better understand your business objectives. Next, we review all of your materials and dig into your industry to find the opportunities that are ripe for your brand. We review the market looking for:

  • Competition
  • Industry trends
  • Economic considerations
  • Target markets
  • Buying behavior
  • Channels
  • Tactics
  • And more…



At the end of our work, we make recommendations specific to your brand that we think will make your 2019 a success.

You can expect:

  • 3-5 specific recommendations
  • Recommendations that are within your resources to accomplish
  • Trusted vendor/agency introductions if needed

OOA came through with their Brand Breakthrough model and shattered the box I had created for our brand in the best way possible. It didn’t take long to learn how to strategize and nurture the process of creating our brand and molding it into what it needs to become.”

Carlos McCray

Co-Founder, DOJO Cafe

Are you ready to make 2019 your best brand year ever?

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who is the office of awesome?

Our founders are a dynamic duo, with extensive, proven experience in marketing and communication. When we started, we wanted to work in an office full of awesome people. We built that. Together, with our team, we work hard to create AWESOME, every day.


Rebecca Tall Brown

Expert Marketing Strategist Rebecca loves nothing more than giving businesses new opportunities with new marketing approaches. Armed with over two decades of strategy-building experience with independent entrepreneurs, tech startups and major automotive companies plus an MBA and BS in Marketing, she’s got the street cred to develop your brand into it’s highest potential. She approaches each project with pragmatic, well-thought-out, and personalized marketing, with a healthy dose of awesome, of course.  

Leah Prehn

With her finely honed communication skills, Leah helps businesses engage with their audience in a thoughtful & effective manner. Transforming the way businesses communicate with strategic messaging, Leah is a master of content for a wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare and education. Utilizing signature branded language, she provides content that effectively promotes brands along with their products and services. Her approach is clear and concise, effectively using language to communicate your brand to the world.